Gewebte Etiketten - Design Tipps


Step 1 - Select the fold

Labels can be stitched in different ways. This video explains some, have a look
and find out which fold matches best with your product.

Step 2 - Choose size

In terms of labelling band width means the height of the label. The label length
can be decided by the size of your brandname or logo.
Based on that you can choose the best proportion.  

Step 3 - Logo upload

Transforming you logo into the best woven label? For this we use jacquard design.  
With your logo as the base our jacquard designer starts working, this video explains you how:

Step 4 - Choose colours

Yarn colours are automatically selected, based on your logo. We also offer a catalogue
of our yarn colours digitally, so that you can make your choice.

on a white or black warp?

Next to choosing your fill- and figure colours you can select a warp, white or black.
For lighter colours we advise to select a white warp, for darker colours a black option
is the nicest in most cases. In this video you can see the difference a different colour
of warp can have:

Step 5 - Ultrasonic cutting (and double white?)

All of our labels are cut ultrasonically, this way they have ultra-soft edges, so 
no irritation for the skin. Did you choose fill colour white? Then we offer the option
"double white", by adding an extra white yarn the figure colour want shine through.
In short: your labels will look extra white.

Step 6 - Choose quantity

When your design is finished you can order a sample in advance, for €75. The label
will be send to you straight from the machine (not cut and folded yet), so you can check
the woven quality. Of course you can also start the complete production, then select an
amount between 500 and 8.000 pieces. Delivery within 7 working days!

up to 4000 pieces, for more we need a few extra days 






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